Best #7 Best Slideshare Alternatives & Similar Sites

Looking for Slideshare Alternative or similar to slideshare where you can create and upload your presentation / slideshare / document, checkout our list the best 7 websites similer or alternative to Slideshare.  We Publish Marketing, SaaS, Top 10, “Best” Kinda Articles.


If you’re a business owner, then chances are you have a blog or online presence that helps boost your brand and connect with potential customers. Business owners and bloggers who are looking to grow their business or blog quickly should look into using it as an alternative to marketing channels.

According to TechCrunch & infotoday On September 24, 2020, Scribd will take over the management of the SlideShare company.


What is SlideShare?

SlideShare is a web-based presentation service that lets you create and publish online content to the world.

Best Slideshare alternative

Whether your goal is to educate, inspire, or entertain, it is a great platform for you to be able to express yourself and share your knowledge with others.

According to Wikipedia 70 Million Users on SlideShare is one of the most popular presentation sharing platforms online. It’s a great tool to market your business, build your personal brand, and connect with other like-minded individuals.


Is SlideShare Right for You?

  • If you want to convey a certain type of company ethos or brand image, sharing images, videos, and content on it is an excellent way to do so.
  • You can use it to share your knowledge or expertise with an entirely new group of people who would have otherwise never been exposed to what you have to say.


How to Use SlideShare in 2023

Things you need to use SlideShare:

  1. Signup
  2. Setup your Profile
  3. Basic SEO [Using Keywords in Titles and Descriptions and Tags]


#1. How to Signup on SlideShare?

How to create account on slideshare 2023

  • Visit and click on SignUp on upper right corner
  • Choose Sign up with email
  • Enter your Name, Email and password, and click signup.
  • Done, you have successfully signed up for your new account!


#2. How to set up your account on slideshare?

How to setup slideshare account

  • After Signing Up, Click on Circle on top right corner and click on account setting
  • Click on Personal Detail to add all the details like profile image, Name, Occupation, Organization/Workplace, Industry and Website.
  • Once done, Move to Next Section Called, “Contact Details” to add social media handles and to add country detail.
  • That’s it, you account basic setup is done!


#.3 Basic SEO:

  • Title: When you upload your Slide make sure its contains to keyword within your title preferably at the start of the title.
  • Description: Make sure to add all possible details there is about your slide in your description section and you can add your business social media handles for more exposure too.
  • Tags: Use Tags for better understanding of your slide and for better visibility for your slide share.


Slideshare Alternatives:

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Quick Slide/Presentation Quick Tips:

If you’re ready to get started using it to build your brand or business: These pointers will help. OR you might put Quick Tips for You to Start on Slideshare.

#1. Find your niche: If you want to make an impact on your audience, you need to know who you’re talking to. By identifying who your target market is, you can create better and more engaging content that will resonate with them.

#2. Create engaging, high-quality content: The quality of your content is a direct reflection of you, your brand, and your business. If your content is low-quality or uninteresting, you’re likely to see poor results from it. Take the time to create engaging and high-quality content for your presentations and you’ll see your followers and subscribers rise.

#.3 Create a catchy and descriptive title: The title of your presentation is the first thing your audience members will see. Make sure it’s attention-grabbing and descriptive so they know what your presentation is about right away.

#4. Stay on brand: Make sure that everything you include in your presentation is reflective of your brand and on-brand with your company’s ethos. This will help strengthen your brand and keep your presentation consistent across the board.

#5. Use high-quality images: The images you use in your presentation can make or break it. Make sure that they’re high-quality and relevant to the topic at hand.


Slideshare Frequently Asked Question:

Question: Is SlideShare no longer free?

Answer: SlideShare, a platform owned by LinkedIn, used to offer both free and paid plans. With a free account, users could upload and share content, but certain features, such as analytics and the ability to download presentations, were only available to paid users.

Question: Is Scribd and SlideShare the same thing?

Answer: Scribd and SlideShare are similar in that they are both online platforms that allow users to upload, share, and view documents, but they have some key differences as well.

SlideShare is primarily a platform for sharing PowerPoint presentations, although it also supports other document types such as PDFs, Word documents, and Excel spreadsheets.

Scribd, on the other hand, is a platform for sharing a wide range of document types, including presentations, PDFs, e-books, research papers, and more. Scribd also provides a subscription service which gives access to variety of books and other document.

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