Wondering How to Reinstall WordPress?

Reinstalling WordPress is a great troubleshooting method to fix WordPress errors.

This should be used as a last resort.

When no other troubleshooting options seem to work, you can choose to uninstall and reinstall WordPress.

When correctly done, reinstalling WordPress can clean core WordPress files without affecting your existing content.

If you want to restart your WordPress site completely from scratch, you can wipe off your existing WordPress site and reinstall a fresh copy of WordPress.

Caution: Before starting, you should make a complete backup of your existing WordPress site.

Although the steps that we will ask you to follow are completely safe, it is good to have a backup in case something goes wrong.

Here are the different ways through which you can reinstall WordPress.

How to Reinstall WordPress while Preserving Existing Content

We will first look at the different methods that we can use to reinstall WordPress without losing the content, themes and plugins.

Reinstall WordPress from WordPress Dashboard

Reinstall wordpress

If you simply want to reinstall the core WordPress files, you can do it from the dashboard.

Just go to the Dashboard and click on Updates. You will find an option to Re-install Now, click on that and WordPress will automatically download and reinstall the latest version of WordPress

Reinstall WordPress via FTP

If you cannot access the WordPress Dashboard due to some reason then you can perform a similar reinstall through the FTP.

Here are the steps:

Step 1: Go to WordPress.org and download the recent version of WordPress

Step 2: Extract the contents of the ZIP file to your computer and then delete the wp-content folder

Step 3: Connect to your WordPress site using an FTP Client like FileZilla

Step 4: Now comes the important step. You need to upload all the remaining files (except wp-content folder, which you have already deleted)

Open the root folder named something like public or public_html and upload the files.

Step 5: When you do that, the FTP will show you a message that the Target Files already exist. Just click on the Overwrite option and continue.

How to completely reinstall WordPress and start from scratch

If you want to remove all your previous data and start afresh only then should you read further. Once lost, without a backup the data cannot be retrieved.

There are basically two things you are required to do:

  • Delete all your existing WordPress files
  • Install WordPress anew

To delete all your existing file, you can follow these steps:

Step 1: Access your WordPress site using an FTP Client like FileZilla

Step 2: Navigate to the folder where you have installed your WordPress. Select all the files, right click and Delete.

Step 3: Once all the WordPress files are deleted, you may or may not delete the existing database used for your WordPress site. If your host uses cPanel, you can go to the MySQL Database area in cPanel and delete the existing database.

Step 4: Once you have cleaned your existing WordPress files, all you need to do is install a fresh copy of WordPress. You can go to WordPress.org and download the recent version of WordPress.

Step 5: After download is complete, unzip the downloaded file and look for the WordPress Folder. This folder contains all the WordPress files.

Step 6: Using your FTP Client, upload all the WordPress files to your Website

Step 7: After Uploading the WordPress files, you can go visit your site and WordPress will ask you to enter information about the database.

Step 8: WordPress will then attempt to connect to your Database. Upon successful connection you can click “Run the Install” button

Step 9: WordPress will now ask for site information. Fill in all the necessary information like site title, username, etc. and click on ‘Install WordPress’

You have successfully reinstalled a fresh copy of WordPress